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Watercolour Books'

Watercolour Books

Our range of watercolour painting books offer inspirational support with simple techniques, demonstrations and step-by-step instructions.

Our watercolour art books allow you to work through the exercises and tips to learn to create some beautiful, colourful and vibrant watercolour paintings.

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  1. Skies, Light & Atmosphere in Watercolour Book by David Bellamys

    Skies, Light & Atmosphere in Watercolour Book by David Bellamys


    In his latest volume, David returns to one of the subjects for which he's best known and he concentrates on the how rather than just the what and the why of a subject that can be difficult to pin down.

    Using plenty of examples, as well as short demonstrations, David explains simple and complex skies, clouds and sunlight. He also shows you how to use layered glazes to increase light effects, how to handle light that comes from more than one direction and how to give real depth to shadows.

    In the section on atmosphere, he demonstrates how to make the most of mist and rain, as well as how to create the effect of space and distance.

    Although he treats them separately, all of the subjects link together and you'll soon be getting the passion and inspiration that David says are as important as composition for a successful painting. Generously illustrated and superbly reproduced, this is one of David's most instructive books.

    Book: Search Press . Paperback . 80 Pages . Colour throughout Learn More
  2. Watercolour Workshop Book with Ann Blockley

    Watercolour Workshop Book with Ann Blockley


    An inspirational book for artists looking to unlock the potential of watercolour painting!

    Ann Blockley is renowned for her innovative appraoch to watercolour painting. In this inspirational book, she shares a series of step-by-step projects demonstrating how some of
    her most dramatic paintings are created. Ann explores the boundaries of watercolour, giving tips on how to develop an individual style using key techniques combined with alternative methods such as painting with found materials.

    Batsford - Hardback - 128 pages - Colour throughout.. Learn More
  3. The Art of Brusho book by Carrie McKenzie

    The Art of Brusho book by Carrie McKenzie


    Discover new ways to unleash your creativity with the brilliance and pigment power of Brusho!

    If you like colourful paintings, you will love the intense vibrancy of Brusho. This book is the ultimate guide to harnessing its unique and explosive properties to create striking, colour rich, impressionistic images.

    Carrie McKenzie uses her wealth of experience and imagination to show you how to use these ‘little pots of magic’ to stunning effect. With step-by-step instructions, tips for successful working practices, complete projects for you to try and tips on how to use other materials combined with Brusho for special effects, this book is a must-have for all Brusho enthusiasts!

    Roseforth Publishing - Paperback - 104 pages - Colour throughout Learn More
  4. Learn to Paint People Quickly (Hardcover) Book with Hazel Soan

    Learn to Paint People Quickly (Hardcover) Book with Hazel Soan


    Get to grips with this challenging subject in no time with Hazel Soan.

    This brilliant book has been designed for busy people wanting to learn how to paint.

    Created by bestselling artist and writer Hazel Soan, it's bursting with simple, step by step guidance and easy-to-follow illustrations - the perfect inspiration for artists of all abilities - from those completely new to painting to the more experienced wanting to learn something new.

    Whatever medium you're using, a simple figure in a landscape can add scale as well as a human dimension that together make for a more natural feel.

    These figures don't have to be detailed, but you do need to get the proportions and attitudes right and Hazel will show you how to do this reliably and confidently.

    Hazel's method is simple and to the point. Never overburdened with analysis and explanations, she teaches through concise instruction and plenty of examples that
    will have you learning quickly.

    If all you want is figures in a wider setting, this quick overview will be more than enough.
    However, if your ambitions do stretch to portraiture, there's also enough here to get you
    started on the right road.

    Book: Batsford - Hardback - 112 pages - Colour throughout Learn More
  5. Ready to Paint in 30 Minutes: Street Scenes in Watercolour Book with Grahame Booth

    Ready to Paint in 30 Minutes: Street Scenes in Watercolour Book with Grahame Booth


    Amazing paintings in just 30 minutes!

    Street scenes are a vibrant and challenging subject and this is an inspiring, instructional
    and exciting book that will help you get the most from them.

    Grahame Booth introduces brickwork, windows, trees, people and many more details that make up a busy street scene.

    He’ll have you practising shadows, reflections, washes, perspective, skies and rain as you work towards the ultimate goal: the bustle of life going on around you.

    There are no fewer than 32 tracings, but they are designed to fit onto a 6” x 4” (A6) watercolour pad, making them ideal for working quickly or in the field.

    Having a pre-worked outline frees you from the need to produce an initial drawing and
    considerably aids those whose drawing skills are less than perfect - you’re able to concentrate on the painting and the finished result.

    Add exciting and highly effective elements to your street scenes with this detailed yet
    accessible guide.

    Search Press - Paperback - 96 pages + 32 pages of tracings - Colour Throughout Learn More
  6. Abstract Nature Book with Waltraud Nawratil

    Abstract Nature Book with Waltraud Nawratil


    If the idea of abstraction makes you feel nervous, think again.

    This straightforward and easy-to-follow guide starts by keeping one foot firmly rooted in reality - you'll never be in doubt about what you're looking at. The trick is to stretch the boundaries and create images that are as much about shapes and colours as they are about representation.

    Abstraction is a way of telling the viewer what you thought about a subject rather than simply reproducing it and leaving it up to them. Were those flowers especially bright, or those branches particularly torn by the wind? Distort the detail and you can say that, as well as emphasise the aspects that specifically caught your eye.

    A lot of books on abstraction go into the philosophy of the style and that's all very well, but you need the practical side as well and that's where this guide comes in. Each of the 22 projects occupies just a single spread and includes materials lists, breakout details and simple instructions that are easy to follow and reproduce.

    Get the hang of the basics and you'll be working on your own and with confidence before you know it.

    Search Press . Paperback . Colour Throughout . 112 pages. Learn More
  7. Watercolours Unleashed Book with Jane Betteridge

    Watercolours Unleashed Book with Jane Betteridge


    Paperback - Search Press - 144 Pages Learn More
  8. Paint Yourself Calm Book with Jean Haines

    Paint Yourself Calm Book with Jean Haines


    Even if you don't buy into the new-age idea of mindful self-awareness, this is a book that's fundamentally about the creative process and it makes intriguing reading.

    Jean's loose, sometimes almost abstract style can have Zen-like qualities which she uses as a way of channelling her inner thoughts onto paper. The results, as the illustrations show, can be both beautiful for any observer as well as remarkably serene.

    From the purely artistic point of view, the process involves allowing your unconscious thoughts to drive what happens with brushes and colours, to think more about a state of mind than a subject. Physical objects such as flowers, butterflies and people are often there, but in the background rather than as the main point of interest.

    The creative process is an almost impossible thing to explain, but Jean manages the task remarkably well and this is a book that can help you unlock ways of thinking, seeing and painting you never knew you were capable of.

    Book: Search Press . Paperback . 128 pages . Colour throughout Learn More
  9. Watercolour for Absolute Beginners Book with Matthew Palmer

    Watercolour for Absolute Beginners Book with Matthew Palmer


    PRE-ORDER NOW: AVAILIBLE 31/01/2014!

    Join popular, professional artist, Matthew Palmer, as he shares his simple tips for getting to grips with the basics of painting in watercolour.

    This set is perfect for beginner wanting to discover how to paint sensational landscapes in watercolour or those artists looking to brush up on their existing skills.

    Discover the secrets behind drawing understanding perspective, light & shade, colour and painting realistic skies, trees, water & figures.
    Matthews beautiful book is bursting with 128 pages of easy to follow advice and tricks - plus six, simple strep-by-step exercises and six large scale projects- with 12 pull out tracings supplied, to help beginners discover how to paint 12 picturesque landscapes.

    Search Press - 128 Pages - Colour Throuough. Learn More
  10. Botanical Painting in Watercolour Book with Billy Showell

    Botanical Painting in Watercolour Book with Billy Showell


    This beautifully illustrated and gently progressive guide will help you produce flower paintings that are both realistic and detailed.

    Botanical painting can be a highly technical subject that requires dedication and years of study to learn. Here, Billy Showell takes you through the processes of painting specimens that will satisfy even the most demanding general viewer, but without the scientific jargon that often accompanies the subject.

    The secret is lots of step-by-step demonstrations, each with plenty of stages, as well as hints, tips and technical exercises. You'll be working with an enormous variety of different flower and plant types, each one chosen for the particular challenges it presents. In this way, your range and repertoire are being cunningly developed at the same time. You'll also learn tricks for portraying water droplets, sheen and texture - all subtle details which add those all-important touches of realism that make a painting sing.

    Botanical illustration is a subject that can, not unjustifiably, seem daunting. Billy makes it manageable without trivialising it and, with her help, you'll be able to produce results you can be proud of. Her previous books have been understandably popular, but this one is in a magnificent league of its own.

    Book: Search Press. Hardback. 192 Pages. Colour Throughout. Learn More
  11. Take Three Colours: Watercolour Landscapes Book with Geoff Kersey

    Take Three Colours: Watercolour Landscapes Book with Geoff Kersey


    Geoff Kersey shows people who have never picked up a paintbrush how to paint convincing watercolour landscapes using just 3 colours, 3 brushes, a plastic palette and a watercolour pad.

    Book: Search Press . Paperback . 64 Pages . Colour throughout Learn More
  12. Painting Watercolour Snow Scenes the Easy Way Book with Terry Harrison

    Painting Watercolour Snow Scenes the Easy Way Book with Terry Harrison


    An inspiring and accessible guide to painting beautiful snow scenes using easy-to-master techniques.

    Snow scenes are a popular subject of painters all year round. In this inspiring and accessible guide, best-selling author and popular tutor Terry Harrison shares a wealth of tips and techniques for painting snow in watercolour. Suitable for artists of all abilities, Terry shows you how to capture the beauty of snow-covered landscapes using easy techniques. The book begins with guidance on colour mixes and brushes for achieving different effects, and moves on to step-by-step demonstrations of painting snow-laden trees, frozen streams, wintry skies, falling snow, and the warm glow of a low winter sun. He provides valuable tips on using photographs for reference, and turning a summer landscape into a snow-covered one. There's also a section on how to create a traditional Christmas scene, and how to turn it into a Christmas card. With numerous examples of Terry's beautiful artwork, this book is a truly indispensable guide for anyone wishing to paint snow scenes in watercolour. Learn More

All Watercolour Books (61 products)

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